Know Your Customer

Customer Database

AZURE SQL Database Schema.
User Defineable, Maintainable Static Data.
Flexible, Customer Search and Intelligent Filtering.
Customer Workflow - Design Your Own Compliant Onboarding Process.

Workflow Engine

Database Driven Workflow Engine - Customizable Workflows.
Workflow Concepts: States, Transitions, Actions, Activities,
Actors and Targets.
Audit and Compliance Tracking for All Workflow Actions.

Risk Model

Risk Model Manager - Customizable Risk Assessment Reporting.
Maintain Risk Item Database by Classification, Category and Score.
Risk Model Based Customer Analysis and Filtering.
Know Your High, Medium and Low Risk Customers.
Risk Assessment Workflow.

Document Management

Securely Store Customer Documents.
Document Manager Model - Compliance Tracking for All Customer Documents.
Enhanced Due Diligence, Document Tracking with Compliance Monitoring with Customized Review Scheduling.
Document Workflow - Customizable to Suit Your Compliance Needs. storage technology: AZURE Secure Block Blob Data Streams

Enterprise Infrastructure is Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cloud.
Microsoft AZURE Scalable Cloud Service - Enterprise Service Level Agreement.
A True Enterpise Application with Application and Database Servers Distributed Across the US-East and US-MidWest Regions.
Scalable Performance and Storage Options Capable of Handling Any Size Enterprise.

Data Security

Security Trust Compliance - The Fabric of our Infrastructure.
Two Factor Authentication, Email Domain Whitelisting.
Secure Access, Controlled by Your Organizaition. Your data is safe.
SSL, HTTPS, Secure Certificate Authority, AZURE Hosted Root Certificate.
All Data Traffic Encrypted with 256 bit TLS 1.2.